You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong Your Entire Life

Have stinky breath?  Maybe you’ve been brushing your teeth wrong the whole time.  Follow these steps to make sure you’re not relying on gum too much…

#7 The First Step

A lot of people forget the most important part is to have a clean brush!  Experts say that replacing your brush should be done every few months.  If your brush is dirty, get a new one 🙂

#6 Pressure?

Please make sure you’re not applying too much pressure.  Hold the toothbrush between your thumb and forefinger to apply less pressure.

#5 Eat, Wait, Then Brush

Just had a nice meal?  WAIT!!!!  Don’t go off brushing your teeth just yet.  Experts say your enamel will wear down if you brush right after your done eating!

#4 Just The Opposite

What do you think?  If you just brushed your teeth, try not to eat right after you’ve brushed!  First off, all the food would taste so bad, and have you ever drank OJ after you brushed? EW!!!!

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