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You Won’t Even Understand These Rich People Problems

Ever complained about something only to have your friend respond with the “first world problem” explanation. For those of you who don’t know, a first world problem is a tiny inconvenience that does not even really matter in the greater scope of things.

Whether its not having your favorite shoe, having your local restaurant close down, or having a pair of tangled headphones, these are better known as first world problems.

While many of us can break through the bubble and realize that what we’re complaining about really is not a big deal; we do have some people who simply don’t see the light, better known as the wealthy of our population.

Read on to discover problems that you can only relate to if you’re extremely rich.

Maps: Some people actually find it problematic and necessary that they find out the newest, most expensive grocery store in the area in order to avoid shopping somewhere like Walmart

Toilets: It’s so inconvenient when you have to wait to use the bathroom because it hasn’t finished the self cleaning cycle yet.

Headlights: Don’t you hate it when an SUV pulls up behind your Ferrari and you can’t see because your mirrors are too good at reflecting light.

Alcohol: I hate it when my bottle of champagne is so big that I can’t even carry it, such a tragedy!


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