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“WTF” Is The Only Rational Response To These 15 Pics

11. The Largest Beer Belly In The World

Beer may seem like a good decision in the moment, but too much and this is what you can end up looking like. Everything in moderation!

10. The Ice Age Is Upon Us… Again 

This poor animal didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Foxy popsicle anyone?

9. A Ride Pimped By The Most Frugal Man On Earth

This guy just went super old school on a modern Hummer. The combination is quite weird, but more than that, it’s a little risky to be driving such a rugged car with fragile wood as its wheels.

8. This May Be One Of The Strangest Constructions Ever Attempted

If I were putting my life on the line to make something like this for the general public, I would expected a reward ceremony afterwards. That’s one risky task!

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