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“WTF” Is The Only Rational Response To These 15 Pics

I’m sure many of us use the term “WTF” left and right in our text messages. But how many times do you actually mean it? Many of us tend to exaggerate the situation and use the term when its not actually applicable.

We’re here to show you what it means to actually say “WTF.” Here are 15 pictures that pretty much have no response other than “WTF.” Take a look!

15. Fine Dining At An Extremely High Altitude

I can’t imagine how anyone would even have an appetite when they could plummet to their death any minute.

14. Stuck In A Tight Spot

Sometimes we take risks and hope that it works out for the best. I guess luck was not on the side of this guy.


This may seem like an amusing picture but the facts state otherwise. In 2013, it was estimated that around 150 thousand pedestrian accidents occurred. There have been laws set forward since then and according to this picture, pedestrian’s are taking advantage of their right!

12. Fast And Furiously Sinking A Car

I’m really trying to understand what was going through this driver’s head when he drove straight into a road flooded with water. If you can’t walk on water, what makes you think you can drive?

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