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Woman Gets Revenge On Boyfriend That Dumped Her For No Reason

Being dumped is not fun. But what’s worse? Being dumped for no reason.

Sian Ryan knows the feeling. After her boyfriend dumped her, she spent multiple nights restless, and confused, wondering what caused this tragedy to come about.

One day, she realized that the best type of revenge is the revenge body. Sian joined a gym and started to work out her heartbreak and stress. She channeled her confusion into getting in shape and the results were incredible.

For 12 weeks, Sian pushed through night time workouts. She began to see results within a few weeks, and that only further motivated her.

18 months later, and Sian had lost an amazing 80 pounds. Her story is inspiring and amazing, and everyone thinks so too. Her instagram page has skyrocketed with over 15,000 followers that follow her transformation and advice.

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