Wife Caught Cheating On Husband By Girls Behind Them At Baseball Game

What do you do when you are at a baseball game with your husband? Definitely not text your mistress when the people behind you can see your phone. Here are events leading to the wife getting caught cheating.


It all starts of slowly texting  a “Nancy” well, we think its a Nancy.


Then things got escalated quickly and it is for sure not Nancy anymore. This lady is texting her mistress talking about how she wants to be naked laying down on the floor with him.


Yupp, we knew for sure it wasn’t Nancy, Mark Allen is her mistress. In this text me notice that she is telling Mark Allen how much she is in love with him.


The girls behind them that saw everything and have photo evidence, decide to write a little note on a piece of paper with their numbers and hand it to the husband. “Your wife is cheating on you look at the messages under Nancy! It’s really a man names Mark Allen there is pictures on my phone if she has deleted the messages.”


The girls behind decided to take it to social media to and post the pictures on twitter of what has happened. “Hoes ain’t loyal”


When the poor husband received the note he decided to contact the girls that were seated behind them. He is shown asking for the pictures these girls had taken. Unfortunately we don’t know what happens after this.

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