What You Should Know When Paying With Your Credit Card

We live in a world where everything has become highly based on electronics and technology. While they make our life convenient, they are also very tangible. Every transfer and payment made is highly virtual and less concrete than in the form of cash.

This virtual form of currency has made it necessary to increase our attention to detail. Read on for some cautionary advice that will help you be rid of the worry of being victim to with and other scams involved with your savings.

Credit card scam often occurs whenever the machines that you make your payments on have been tampered with. This process, known as “skimming”, is now highly avoidable thanks to Ingenico, a credit card terminal manufacturer.

Here’s a few details to pay attention to to make sure that you’re not falling victim to “skimming.”

Skimming terminals are usually larger in size than a regular, legitimate one. 

You can differentiate them by the amount of space your card has in the insert slot at the bottom. If it appears to be slimmer than one inch, than it is most probably a skimmer that you are dealing with

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