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Weird People Who Could Not Care Less About Fashion

Fashion is universal and dynamic. A hairstyle that was in last week may be laughed at a month later, but those pants that were in 20 years ago might make a come back tomorrow.

There are people who follow these fashion trends, but then there are those that take their personality and character and really present it in their appearance. While these representations may not be a popular fashion trend and they may be a little overboard, and sometimes uncomfortable to look at… we can all agree on one thing… these people are not afraid to show who they truly are.

Here are 28 people who embraced their weirdness and flaunt who they are, loud and proud.

1. Some people would be extremely embarrassed to display their wedgie publicly. Here’s one person that turned the look into a fashion trend!

2. And people say only women can wear short shorts…

3. I don’t think this guy’s belt is really doing its job, but that’s one unique choice of underwear.

4. If you squint and look from a distance, it looks like she’s just wearing strands of duct tape. 

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