Top 8 Most Famous Donald Trump Movie or TV Cameos You DEFINITELY Forgot About

President Donald Trump has been somewhat of a jack of all trades during his life.  His wealth, ego and of course, his hair make for an interesting character.  He even used his charisma to find a spot in the Oval Office.  Over the years, he’s appeared in numerous TV shows and movies.  Here are some of the best Trump cameos you most likely forgot about!  #1 is his most famous!

1. Spin City

In true Trump fashion, he always reminds Michael J. Fox how great the ratings were when he appeared on the once popular TV show, Spin City.  Fox claims they weren’t really that good, but whatever Donald says is the truth, right?

2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This was one of Donald’s youngest appearances, and it proves his hairdo never changed his entire life!  He appeared on the show with his ex-wife Marla Maples alongside Will Smith.

3. Zoolander

Trump loves models so it only made sense for him to make an appearance in the cult comedy Zoolander.  Hopefully, he didn’t walk in on the models why they were preparing in the dressing room.

4. Sex in the City

Sex in the City was based in New York City where Donald owns a lot of the city’s most prime real estate.  Strangely, Samantha chose to flirt with the old man accompanying Trump instead of “The Donald.”

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