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Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

11. This one’s a little bit creepy but funny, nevertheless. This guy completely disregarded the fact that he got a revealing photo from the opposite gender, and decided to show some skin. 

12. This guy definitely got “pics”, just not the pics that he was asking for. Was he given a wrong number? Or was this the Omegle “girl” all along? I guess we’ll never know. 

13. Anton seems like a pretty intense guy, given his tendency to type in all caps. Maybe he was a little too intense in the moment, and didn’t realize that he wasn’t texting the “BOO” he thought he was. 

14. As far as humor goes, this recipient sure has a strange sense of it. However, this recipient should know that there are better (more sensitive) ways to let someone down than pretending to be a cat. 

15. There’s no individual that doesn’t (at least) crack a smile at this conversation. You never insult a lady, and apparently this recipient knew that… as he/she corrected themselves immediately after throwing the comment. 

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