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Top 24 Funniest Celebrity Fails Ever

11. Justin Bieber took a serious fall in his concert in Saskatoon. Fans went from cheering to gasping to laughing all in one night. Looks like the poster was so focused on fixing his pants, he completely missed the hold in the ground in front of him. It looks absolutely painful but we got to admit, it makes a good meme.

12. Heels are hard enough to deal with as it is. I don’t know why Demi Lovato thought it was a good idea to mix the already existing struggle with something as slippery as water. Demi lost her cool when she was performing her hit, “Cool For The Summer”, slipping and planting on the floor in front of the fans

13. Another Demi slip-up! This one’s just a matter of misunderstanding. When asked what her favorite dish was, Demi responded saying “I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold the hot things that you don’t have to touch.” I’m not exactly sure that’s what the interviewer meant, but good to know!

14. This is possibly the cutest mishap yet. Niall Horan was carrying some golf equipment when he got caught up in an interview. The equipment must have been a little too heavy for him, considering he lost his balance and took a tumble in front of the cameras. Not a big deal, the Masters Gold Tournament only has millions of viewers.

15. Heels pose quite the challenge to your balance, but John Barrowman couldn’t even use that excuse… he was sitting! I guess when he put on those heels on “Loose Women”, he got that confidence boost most girls get, causing him to lean back a little too much and simply tip over.

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