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This Woman Is Addicted To Exercise And Works Out 8 Hours A Day

Exercising is very good for you but so is everything in moderation. Anything in extremes, even if they’re good for you, can actually end up working against you.

Don’t believe it? See it yourself. Read on and find out about Erin’s story, and how her excessive exercise ending up hurting rather than helping her.

Erin is very much aware that she is an addict to exercise. Working out nearly 8 hours a day has made fitness a daily job for her, and consumed majority of her time.

When asked, she said that she ‘never gets tired, [I] don’t get sore, I’ll cancel plans, I’ll cancel appointments. It’s been controlling my life, I just can’t stop.’ 

Exercise entered her life at the age of 7, when she first started to get into gymnastics. She has been using to training, eating healthy and getting rest her whole life. Her exercise started to reach an unhealthy level when a surpassed memory emerged. 

Erin’s mother says that her daughter missed only one gymnastic practice due to an extremely high fever. At a 103 degrees Fahrenheit, that was the only time Erin put off her practice. 

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