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This Guy Sleeps With Four Women Every Night And His Wife Doesn’t Mind

 Beynon describes himself as “a cross between The Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark.” With his luxurious parties, handful of women and wealth lifestyle, who can blame him?

Beyond has a lot in common with professional poker player, Dan Bilzerian, who is also known for sharing his unique lifestyle on social media. 

Surprisingly, Bilzerian is not Beynon’s biggest fan. He told Daily Mail, “I don’t know this guy personally and I’m not usually one to judge without knowing, but I will say I don’t think you should have a wife and children living in a house with naked girls and partying.”

“I also am respectful to women who treat me respectfully, and would never put my wife on a leash in the driveway for an Instagram pic” said Bilzerian.

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