This Grandma Became an Instant Viral Sensation After Partying With College Girls on Spring Break

Grandparents are awesome!  There’s no doubt about it.  They’ve seen it all and don’t let little things get to them.

When they decide to let loose, it’s hard to deny them access to anywhere!  This girl’s grandma joined a group of college girls on spring break to THROW DOWN HARD!

The grandmother, Doreen Grett, posted the photos of herself during her Mexico vacation, and her granddaughter, Payton, noticed she made some new friends in the form of hot, drunk college girls in coordinated one-pieces.

Check out the Photos!

When Payton first noticed her grandmother taking shots with college girls on spring break, she posted the photo on Twitter.

One of the girls ended up finding the Tweet and uploading this video.  Look at grandma go!

Then Twitter fell in love with the partying grandmother!

It didn’t take long for the Tweet to go viral…

Twitter blew up!

And grandma became famous!

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