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This Girl Transformed Herself Into Kylie Jenner And It’s So Good It’s Creepy

With the growing field of technology, online makeup tutorials have become way for girls to share and build on their cosmetic skills. Today, the world of makeup has become more powerful than ever, and Hye-Min Park is one girl who, through her talent and the available technology, has harnessed this power to the best of her abilities. She has established herself as one of the most influential bloggers with a whopping 2 million subscribers on Youtube and over 3 million followers on Twitter.

So what exactly is the reason for her power in the world of social media? Her unique ability to transform herself to look like some of the world’s most famous celebrities. While others use a mask, photoshop, or cosmetic surgery, Hye-Min can perform this physical transformation with just the use of a makeup brush.

She has documented her successful cosmetic transformations into stars like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner.

How does she do it? Read on to follow Hye-Min on one of her transformation journeys!

1. The first step is to apply primer to the skin. Hye-Min uses The POREFessional to prepare her skin for the anticipate makeup and help the effects of the makeup last as long as possible. I would just like to point out that at this moment, she denser quite look like Kylie Jenner. But just wait, your jaw will drop once you see the end result!

2. The next step is to apply a bit of eyeshadow. After applying primer to her eyelids with a cotton swabs, Hye-Min reveals her Urban Decay palette. She applies eye shadow to both of her eyelids with her Mac brush.

Hye-Min’s has not reached Kylie Jenner status quite yet! Click NEXT to see the transformation!