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These Hidden Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands of Hidden Movies and Genres

Netflix… I think everyone can agree that it’s a guilty pleasure that we enjoy a little too much. It is a well justified guilty pleasure, though. What better way to wind down at the end of the day than to watch an episode of your favorite show at the comfort of your home?

At first it’s innocent, just one or two episodes. But before you know it, hours have gone by and you’ve watched half of a season of a show that usually takes a couple weeks to catch up to.

Well, for all you binge watchers, did you know that Netflix actually has some hidden features? Yeah, I didn’t either. But don’t you worry, the secrets are about to be revealed!

Netflix has a set of secret codes that allow you to narrow down your search by genre, depending on what you’re looking for. Now, instead of wasting time searching a bunch of titles, you can get right down to it and start the binge watching early!

1. We all know the basic genres of TV entertainment….comedy, horror, romance and so on. But what if you want something a little more specific?

2. What if you’re sick of all the mainstream action and adventure films and want to find an independent film. With all the movies on Netflix, it would take forever to find what you’re looking for!

3. What if you’re looking for a movie in a different language, like Greek or Indian? Well, good lucking finding those without the codes!

4. So what’s the solution? There’s actually a master list of codes that can help you narrow down your search to a specific genre.

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