These 12 People Know How To Get Right Swipes On Tinder!

4. Stephanie… witty “About Me” and a generous display of her curves in her profile picture. She sure is a book worm’s dream girl. 

3. Every girl has a crazy side to her, Heather is probably just one of the only few girls who’s not afraid to show it. At least she’s honest from the beginning, so you know know exactly what you’re getting yourself into… no excuses. 

2. Well well, looks like the girls aren’t the only one’s that like to be bold and honest on Tinder. Here’s Matthew, a man that has decided to cut to the chase, lay out his cards on the table, and see just how far the witty description takes him. 

1. We’re all about being open and honest, but don’t scare off the potentials. An “About Me” like this doesn’t spark curiosity about who you are as an individual, it just makes us question the type of field trips your school used to take you on. 

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