The Evolution Of Kim And Kylie’s Faces Is Scary!

Money buys nice things, and a nice thing to Kim and Kylie is plastic surgery.  Within a few short years, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner look like completely different people. It’s scary!

You’ll be blown away when you see what they look like before they rose to fame and went under the knife.  They are undeniably beautiful women, but they spent a lot of moola to make themselves look the way they do today.

Prepare to be shocked by these dated pictures! Their evolutions are intense!

Kim Kardashian 1997

This is Kim Kardashian in High School.  Back in the day, she looked like the cute girl who painted her eyebrows and was sorta G.  It’s hard to believe she looked so normal before rising to fame.  Her cheeks were fuller back then, you could almost mistake her for J-Lo.

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