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The 9 Sex Lies Every Guy Has Told You

Sometimes men are honest, but the majority of the time they aren’t.  Imagine knowing every sex lie that every guy has ever told you.  Well, today is your lucky day.

Here are 9 sex lies every guy has told you…


If a guy says your boobs are perfect, there is a chance that he isn’t being honest with you.


When a guy says you taste very good, there is a high possibility he is just saying it to make you feel better.


If a guy tells you it’s his first time, there is BIG chance he’s lying.  A guy’s looks and body language are huge indicators on whether or not he’s done the dirty.


Men lie about their past to seem more appealing to women.  Sometimes to show a woman that you only engage in sex with women you care about is more appealing to them.


If a guy tells you he always uses a condom during sex, there is a very high chance he is lying to you.  Guys tell girls what they want to hear.

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