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Teen’s Response When Her Ex Asked For His Prom Money Back Has People Talking

Prom is probably one of the biggest events that mark the end of high school… besides graduation. It’s the culmination of the four years where you’ve matured as a person with all your peers and even some faculty.

Students actually take prom very seriously, planning their outfits months ahead and getting their hair and makeup done professionally. Maria was one high school student who had the same expectations for her prom, only to be let down by her boyfriend of one year.

When the senior in Colorado dealt with her boyfriend of one year calling it quits before prom, she didn’t let it tear her down. Instead, she held her head high and dealt with the situation probably in the most epic way possible.

Read on to find out!

Maria was a high school senior that was just as excited for prom as any other high school senior would be. Therefore, when her boyfriend called her, telling her that he was ending their relationship, she was heartbroken.