Pregnant Animal X-Ray Reveals Beauty of Life

Erika Frias


It’s so cool to look at our own x-rays and see what’s really 9 layers deep, but ever wondered what an x-ray of these pregnant animals might look like? It’s crazy to see the miraculous things these creatures can do. The seahorses look so majestic, while the tiny slithering snakes in a belly will get you cringing. The sharks have to be the craziest x-ray of them all and who would have guessed a bat’s physic is so…human like?

Share with your friends to see which was the weirdest find. You’re going to give your cat a lot more credit after seeing what they can handle in their bellies!

A Deer


Probably the cutest creature in x-ray form.

A Chinchilla


Would you have guessed it?

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