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Pictures of Pure Funny Randomness

If we had to choose a single reason as to why we appreciate social media, it would be for all the good laughs. Whether its a video, picture or a meme on Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, technology has given us the ability to have a good laugh with a single click of a button.

That’s the very purpose of this article as well. Check out these 16 pictures of absolutely hilarious pure randomness, and fill you day with a bit of smile and laughter.

1. We’ve all had at least one class where the teacher talks way too fast for our own good. At first, we look like this guy, trying to get down as much as we can. Eventually, most of us tend to give up and let the teacher babble on as our aching hands get a rest. 

2. With the technology based world we live in today, I wouldn’t be surprised if the end of the world started with a little something like this. 

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