Parents Adopt 5 Siblings to Keep from Splitting them Apart

This family found the best way to celebrate National Adoption Day. A celebration a week before Thanksgiving in honor of all the foster kids who’ve found a home. Surprisingly enough a large percentage of American family’s are open to the idea of giving a foster child a new home. Unfortunately, not many of them go through with the process. Another misfortune is when siblings in foster care have to be split up for adoption. Husband & Wife, Brenda and Curt Heuers, took on a great responsibility in honor of this national holiday by simultaneously adopting 5 siblings from a foster home. They are extremely happy with the new additions to their ever growing family.

Curt & Brenda Heuers are excited for the next chapter in their lives. So far they have fostered over 52 children. We’re not over-exaggerating!


The couple decided to go through with the process after getting to know the five kids through foster care services. They continued by adopting all five together on the day of National Adoption and celebrated with a trip to Disneyland.

It took quite some time to gain legal documenting claiming that they are the official parents but after a long journey that started in 2015 the case was approved this past November.

On November 19, they were named the official parents of 5 children. Ages 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9. They spend time together like any normal family would.

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