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    17 Most Embarrassing Pictures the Internet Has Ever Seen

    It’s sad to say, but people feed off of other people’s embarrassment. Everyone loves a good laugh, and it appears that it’s a lot funnier when it involves other individuals in a not so ideal situation.

    That’s probably why we love looking at embarrassing photos of strangers. It’s not nice but it just happens to be so satisfying. That’s why we collected a set of hilariously embarrassing individuals from the web and compiled them to make one very amusing post.

    1. You do you, Amigo

    Here’s one dude that really didn’t want any tan lines… so he improvised a means to keep himself covered but not too covered.

    2. Straight to the Face

    The woman tanning surely didn’t know what she was missing out on behind her. Luckily, some clever lad made sure to get the tragic moment on camera.

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    3. Body Graffiti 

    Don’t fall asleep in a public location unless you trust all those around you. One wrong dip into your subconscious, and you might end up the canvas to a very embarrassing piece of art.

    4. Where’s My Hat?

    When it comes to the clicking of a camera button, it really is all about good timing. This very petty seagull didn’t hold back on its sass when it snatched that cap!

    5. Go Fetch!

    I’m not surprised that this picture went viral. This pup sure got a mouthful when he went out exploring!

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    Blind Man Sees Wife For The First Time, Says Two Words That Puts Everyone In Tears

    All of us, as humans, take things for granted. For most of us, our everyday problems fall under the category of ‘first world problems.’ This simply means that in the greater scope of things, they don’t really matter.

    For example, when we encounter blind or deaf individuals, our daily struggles with sleep, work and school are minute. Just imagine how much more challenging life would be if you were blind? It was definitely a struggle for this guy, who hadn’t so much as seen the woman who gave birth to him. But then one day, everything changed.

    Gene Purdie was just your average guy from Denver. He had a wife and kids, and even a stable job. There was one exception, however: he was blind.

    When Purdie was 16, he was diagnosed with a rare disease that left him legally blind. Everything was a blur, and all he could see were vague outlines.

    He has Stargadt’s disease, the rapid degeneration of the center of the retina. The part, the macula, is responsible for your focus and straight-ahead vision.

    Just imagine meeting the love of your life, and not being able to fully see them. That’s how it was for Purdie, a truly blind date. His wife, Joy, and he, had their first child 10 years after they got married.

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    20 Hilarious Celebrity Photoshops you Have to See to Believe

    Don’t believe what you see? Well, in this day and age, with the technology that we have, you have every right to keep your doubt. Photoshop and filters have made it possible to create expectations that aren’t even attainable… because they’re not real!

    Celebrities, and their many photoshoots, are primary examples of this. The technology to transform appearance has advanced so greatly that its almost impossible to recognize the photoshop without the original version of the photo to compare to.

    We’re here to reveal the truth, show you the light. These 20 photoshop transformations will surely make you understand what we’re talking about!

    1. Angelina Jolie

    In a Facebook post bearing her natural skin and beauty, Angelina Jolie wrote: Angelina Jolie said, “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a regular person… Behind the looks there are a lot of designers, make-up artists, and Photoshop editing.”

    2. Britney Spears

    Never preach something you don’t abide by yourself. Britney has promoted a natural body image from the start, yet these photos are proof that she doesn’t even follow that motto herself!

    3. Desipina Vandi

    The slimmed torso and legs in this magazine cover are a primary example of why society has idealized a certain body image.

    4. Emma Watson

    This photoshop clearly added glow to her eyes and a richer color to her hair. It’s hard to understand why they found the need to photoshop her, considering she already looks amazing in the original photo.

    5. Fergie

    Fergie, musical icon and mother, has been victimized by photoshop as well. This transformation was a bit on the extreme end.

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    11 Famous Celebs Who Forgot To Shave… #9 Will Make Your Eyes Bleed!

    We imagine celebrities to be these perfect, flawless individuals. Many of them are role models to people all around the world. Their very public life and high position on the social platform is the reason why we tend to forget that they aren’t perfect either.

    The photoshoots and glam squad may fool us at times, but they can’t keep the look up 24/7. Check out these 11 celebrities who are living proof that nobody is perfect!

    11. Drew Barrymore: Back in the 90’s, many people refused to conform to the idealized and unrealistic image of female beauty. Drew Barrymore was one of the first to stand against gender expectations, and she didn’t even know it. 

    10. Beyonce: This picture of Queen B displaying some armpit hair is clear evidence that even royalty can’t be perfect. 

    9. Miley Cyrus: Here’s Miley displaying her hairy pits, loud and proud. She’s the free bird all of us wish to be.

    8. Madonna: To those who think that the pit hair is a case of forgotten shaving… you may be wrong! Here’s Madonna showing off her natural hair. Loud and proud!

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    16 Funny Inventions That Were Made From A Tight Budget

    They say that money doesn’t buy happiness. Although that may be true, money sure does increase an individual’s standard of living.

    They also say that when there’s a will, there’s a way. For those individual’s who can’t afford the fancy luxuries like jacuzzis and BBQs, it’s not a case of lost hope. There are some interesting tricks and methods that can help everyone gain access to the little things in life; and while the access may be granted, sometimes that access is not super convenient or ideal.

    See for yourself! Check out these 16 funny inventions that were made from a tight budget.

    1. For those kids who are in the ‘missing my two front teeth’ phase: Here’s a way to make your brushing experience easier and more comfortable. Cut out a slot around the missing teeth and avoid scrubbing and irritating your gums. 

    2. Here’s one guy that’s really trying to avoid going to the mechanic. I’m just not sure how long that coat hanger will be able to sufficiently hold up that exhaust pipe. 

    3. This is one creative way to have a pair of roller blades without actually having to spend money on a pair of roller blades. A pair of rubber boots and legos sure do the trick!

    4. There can be two explanations: Either this person really wanted some extra car security, or their actual car lock is broken and they had to improvise. 

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    ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Has People Seriously Confused

    Almost everyone watches, has watched, or at least knows of the famous puzzle game show, Wheel of Fortune. The guessing of letters, words and phrases makes the show interactive, even within the walls of your own living room.

    A recent puzzle on the show received an overwhelming amount of attention when it hit the internet. The final round of the game left the board looking a little strange. The order of missing letters and displayed letters set up the viewers for a bit of confusion.

    When the photo spread on social media, the puzzle quickly turned into a joke as individuals came up with hilarious alternative guesses to the solution.

    As a show that airs on family friendly television channels, Wheel of Fortune tries to keep their content very much PG and appropriate. 

    It seems as though it’s impossible to keep it clean at all times, considering all the dirty minds that exist out there. 

    Here’s the puzzle that the contestant had to solve. There’s a couple of solutions to the saying, and they’re probably running through your head as you read (and they’re not all the most innocent). 

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    5 Things Every Girl Wants Her Guy To Do On Their First Night

    There’s a first time for everything, including the first time you spend the night with somebody. More times than often, the “first time” for everything is exciting, and even a little nerve wrecking. The more you fuss over it, the more you overthink it, the more you try to perfect it and odds are… it’s not going to be perfect. And at that point, you’re just going to be disappointed from the lack of perfection. 

    We’re here to help you avoid that disappointment. When you’re expecting someone to come over, there are certain steps and precautions you can take to make the night go as perfect as possible. 

    It shouldn’t be much of a shock that the first thing you need to do is set the mood. Whether its the candles, the music or a nice scent.. these little details will make the experience as great as possible. But what else? Read on to find out.

    1. Kissing 

    It’s important to start slow and not get ahead of yourself. Kissing is part of the basics. It’s a nice way to get into the mood and it helps start of the night the right way. 

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    Teen’s Response When Her Ex Asked For His Prom Money Back Has People Talking

    Prom is probably one of the biggest events that mark the end of high school… besides graduation. It’s the culmination of the four years where you’ve matured as a person with all your peers and even some faculty.

    Students actually take prom very seriously, planning their outfits months ahead and getting their hair and makeup done professionally. Maria was one high school student who had the same expectations for her prom, only to be let down by her boyfriend of one year.

    When the senior in Colorado dealt with her boyfriend of one year calling it quits before prom, she didn’t let it tear her down. Instead, she held her head high and dealt with the situation probably in the most epic way possible.

    Read on to find out!

    Maria was a high school senior that was just as excited for prom as any other high school senior would be. Therefore, when her boyfriend called her, telling her that he was ending their relationship, she was heartbroken.

    As if she wasn’t already disappointed enough, later on she found out that her boyfriend was going to be attending another prom… with another girl!

    Then, when you though he couldn’t make anything worse, he has the audacity to ask Maria to give back the 95 dollars he spent purchasing items for the prom. 

    His text said: “However you need to get my money back is up to you. I can pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

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    Pictures of Pure Funny Randomness

    If we had to choose a single reason as to why we appreciate social media, it would be for all the good laughs. Whether its a video, picture or a meme on Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, technology has given us the ability to have a good laugh with a single click of a button.

    That’s the very purpose of this article as well. Check out these 16 pictures of absolutely hilarious pure randomness, and fill you day with a bit of smile and laughter.

    1. We’ve all had at least one class where the teacher talks way too fast for our own good. At first, we look like this guy, trying to get down as much as we can. Eventually, most of us tend to give up and let the teacher babble on as our aching hands get a rest. 

    2. With the technology based world we live in today, I wouldn’t be surprised if the end of the world started with a little something like this. 

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    12 Tips To Get Your Skin Looking More Flawless Than Ever

    If only there was one solidified way to cure every single individual’s breakouts. Unfortunately, the diversity of the human population doesn’t allow for such a solution to exist. Every individual has different genes constituting a different skin type. Additionally, each individual has a different diet and different environmental conditions they live in, all of which have an effect on their skin condition.

    While there is great diversity, there are general tips about avoiding and treating breakouts that can be applicable for individuals of all skin types.

    Check out these tips. Maybe one of them will work wonders for you!

    1. Nose Peel: Mix 1 Tbs of Gelatin and T tbs of milk until you make a white paste. Apply the paste to your nose and you have a homemade version of those handy nose strips that help wipe out blackheads. Let the paste dry, peel it off, and watch your nose be clear of those black dots.

    2. Masks: There are so many combinations of natural products like fruits, vegetables and so forth, that can be utilized as a refreshing face mask. Try out a few!

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    16 People That Got Trolled By Photoshop

    Social media has allowed the global circulation of photos and videos. While platforms like Instagram and Twitter make communication very convenient, they also make public access to photos convenient as well.

    Some people are there strictly to take a look at the photos, but then there are some people who like to make use of the photos and photoshop them all sorts of ways. Those who are professionals can get really creative, and most of the time the end product is hilarious.

    Check out these 16 individuals who seriously got trolled by Photoshop.

    1. The photoshop wizard behind this photo was obviously trying to send a subliminal message.

    2. He asked to look dangerous… not realistic. It’s safe to say he got exactly what he wanted (or is it?)

    3. The mastermind behind this creation deserves a pat on the back. It takes a lot of creativity to recreate a photo this hilarious. Sure got me!

    4. I guess this guy should have been a tad more specific with his request. At the end of the day, the guy did exactly what he was told. 

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    9 Weird Things People Have Done In Their Sleep

    Most of us enjoy that time of the day where we get to crawl into bed, unwind, relax and fall into a deep slumber. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a dreamy sleep. The nightmares, in addition to the tossing and turning, make sleeping a period of turmoil rather than a time of relaxation.

    Then there are some of us who do some really peculiar things while asleep. With sleep-walking, sleep-talking and even sleep-driving, these are the people that take sleeping to a whole other level.

    Check out these 9 very weird things that people have done in their sleep.

    1. Homicidal somnambulism, otherwise known as sleepwalking murder, is actually a thing. Yes, people actually kill other people in their sleep. 

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