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    20 Nerdy Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

    Growing up is a part of life. The physical and mental maturation, better known is puberty, is something that everyone goes through. However, not everyone goes through such an awkward stage of life with cameras and spotlights. Child actors and actresses, while reveling in early success, have the misfortune of growing up with all eyes on them at all times.

    While the pressure can get overwhelming, it’s amazing to see how some of these youngsters have grown into fine young men and women, even with the everyday critique of media and press. One day were watching them in a Disney show and before you know it, they’re making movies with top notch producers. The years fly by and some of these child stars change so much that they’re barely recognizable. Which on of these 20 actors and actresses surprised you the most?

    1. Alexa Vega: I remember her little spy-kid self running around and kicking butt with her brother. She’s come a long way, now married and expecting her first child. Ahh, they grow up so fast. 

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    16 People Who Failed Hard At Snapchat

    The features of Snapchat have opened up a window of creativity. While some people really know how to work these features in their favor with laugh evoking snaps, others are not so successful. There are two categories of unsuccessful snap chatters: those who try to be funny and fail; and those who send a regular snap that ends up failing anyway because of typos and misunderstandings.

    Here are 16 situations involving these not so successful snapchatters. You’re in for a good laugh.

    1. You would think that this is a case of bad autocorrect. Unfortunately, it’s not. This little girl actually thought her date was taking her to an extravagant garden on their night out. Little does she know that she’s in for a night of pasta and breadsticks. What’s worse? The moment was captured and is now circulating on the internet. At least, she’s giving everyone a good laugh. 

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    20 Things Most People Don’t Know About Kourtney Kardashian

    There’s very few (if any) people who are not aware of the Kardashian family. The Kardashian/Jenner clan is the most well-known and recognized families of today. Their fame and popularity is credited to their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that gives displays their everyday lives and drama to the public eye on a weekly basis.

    While Kim Kardashian is the most prominent family member, her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, have also gained a great amount of attention in the recent years. Kourtney remains the oldest one of the Kardashian/Jenner siblings. While her life is very much publicized, she has managed to keep a few things on the the down low. Here’s a list of 20 interesting facts that you may not know about Kourtney Kardashian.

    1. Kourtney Mary Kardashian was born in Mill Valley California on April 18th 1979. She was an adventurous youngster and it showed in her appearance and actions. She broke her collarbone when she was only 5 years old, after falling off a swing. She also sported a boy cut that really topped off the tomboy look. 

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    27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

    Most of us use our everyday household items without paying much attention to the appearance and design. Little did we know that even the smallest details of these items serve significant purposes that can make our lives much more convenient. Read on to find out the quirks and tricks, and apply them to your life!

    1. Next time you’re applied make up, do yourself a favor and check for an expiration sign. The consequences of using when expired include rashes, skin infections and breakouts. None of the latter sound like a fun time, so be cautious beforehand.

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    30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

    It’s so unfortunate when you don’t see what’s right before your eyes. Everyday objects that we encounter have some disregarded attributes, and it’s about time we take advantage of them. Here are 16 details that most of us don’t know about our everyday objects.

    1. The little bobble found on the top of a winter beanie has become a fashion statement, adding the special touch to the winter wear. However, it wasn’t always just there for design. The bottle at the top served a functional purpose. Back in the day, many French marines would wear beanies, the bobble on the top serving as a shock absorber for when they hit their heads on low cabin ceilings. Additionally, different sizes, shapes, and colors of bobbles were used to define the different branches of the military.

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    Top 24 Funniest Celebrity Fails Ever

    Many individuals have accustomed themselves to view actors, actresses, singer and other public figures as these perfect, flawless individuals. Their fame and talent may be admirable, but there’s no reason to put them on such a pedestal. At the end of the day, we’re all human. Whether its a trip, fall, awkward or awkward encounter… we’re all victim to the same struggles. The only difference is… celebrities have every one of their embarrassing moments documented. The moment stays captured forever. Check out these 24 hilarious celebrity fails!

    1. It’s hard not to giggle at Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe malfunction and poor agility in front of live television. One can only imagine what a big deal it is to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Jennifer was a little too excited as she made her way to the podium to accept her award for Silver Linings Playbook, and 30 million people got to witness that excitement. Thankfully, Jennifer was a trooper, laughing off the entire incident, “This is nuts. You guys are only standing up because I fell and you feel bad. That was embarrassing.”

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    Simple Trick You Can Do At Home To Remove Tartar From Your Teeth

    It’s funny how life works. When you’re young, your wishing for your teeth to come out, just so you get a visit from the tooth fairy and get that monetary award. However, as you grow older, you start wishing for the opposite. Suddenly, your teeth falling out become your worst nightmare and you begin to treat those pearly whites like treasure.

    It should come as no surprise that brushing is the best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Without it, you tartar can build up… and that can lead to tooth decay, cavities and even gum disease.

    If you really want to ensure that your teeth stay in your mouth as long as possible, there are some home regimens you can resort to.

    The best tip is to just brush normally, ideally three times a day. If you want to take it a step further, you can brush with baking soda as well. Just make sure that the brush your using has the American Dental Association seal, ensuring that it has gone through safety and quality control tests to be most effective.

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    18 Life Hacks That Will Help You Survive Between Pay Days

    Some of us are good at managing our money. On the other hand, some of us just like to spend like there’s no tomorrow and are completely shocked when we check our bank account balance. These are the people we like to call shopaholics.

    If you have a shopping problem, or just wish to be a little more responsible with those finances, than check out these 18 life hacks that will let you survive between those paychecks.

    1. It’s safe to say that online shopping has made our ability to spend a lot easier. Purchases with a click of a button? Of course we’re going to take advantage of that. Here’s a tip, however. Next time you’re online shopping, make sure you clear your cache and browsing history. Online companies actually follow your searches based on your cache and browsing history and increase prices of products based on that information.

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    Love it! So cute Cry


    While some guys aren’t picky about going down on you, some are a little more demanding. Some of us get lucky with partners that voice their thoughts and make things a bit easier by doing so. However, there are a fair share of guys that refrain from doing so. Whether they’re trying to be a mysterious or a little too shy… it can get a little annoying when you’re stuck in the dark.

    So the question is, how do you go about it? What precautions should you take to safe yourself from being stuck in that predicament to begin with? Well, we’re here to tell you all you need to know.

    1. Make Her Presentable

    It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that guys like a girl that maintains her hygiene. Make sure you shower everyday, especially those days you spend working out or walking a lot.

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    Love it! Got me mad! LOL! So cute

    16 Couples Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Fall In Love

    There are many ways to express your love for another individual. Tattoos are merely one of the more serious, and more permanent means of doing so. When it comes to marking your body for someone else for eternity, these 16 couples have managed to express the power of their love for one another pretty successfully.

    1. There’s nothing quite as intimate as getting matching tattoos… unless you getting matching tattoos on that special ring finger. Skeletons, while seeming morbid, can actually be quite flattering, as they symbolize an everlasting love between the two lovebirds. 

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    Love it! Got me mad! LOL! So cute Cry

    10 Beauty Secrets From The Past That Are Useful Even Today

    If you’re someone that loves to spend time on social media, I’m sure you’ve invested some time looking up online tricks that that will allow you flaunt your beauty. Whether its about your skin, hair, nails, or clothes… the internet can be resourceful. The only problem is that not every single source is very reliable, and more times than not, you may find yourself doubting whether what you read will actually work.

    Well, we’re here to make those doubts disappear. If you’re doubtful about current day beauty tips, why don’t you try going old school and taking advice from the beauty tips that have been existing for a while now.

    Here are 10 ancient beauty tips that are truly timeless in their effectiveness. What’s even better? They’re natural, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your body to any toxins and chemicals that are embedded in most products today.

    1. Sugaring: Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal that has existed for thousands of years. This technique is very similar to waxing, allow you to pull your hair from the roots so that it doesn’t grow back all spiky and uncomfortable. All you need to do is make a simple paste out of sugar, lemon, and hot water, and voila! You have a paste that will remove your hair (not your skin) and all at a much less painful cost!

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    Love it! I'm crying Got me mad! LOL! So cute Cry

    10+ Of The Funniest Wrong Number Texts Ever

    All of us have been in a embarrassing predicament at one point in our lives. We’ve all felt that increase in heart rate, the anxiety, and maybe even the shame, at one point.

    Unfortunately, some situations are more embarrassing than others. One such example is that of a mistaken text. We’re not sure exactly how it happens, whether its a lack of attention or lack of concentration… but many individuals have texted messages and images to a contact they didn’t intend to contact.

    Sometimes the individuals respond in a cold and insensitive manner, making us feel worse. But sometimes, they come up with brilliant responses that make the embarrassing moment a little hilarious.

    Check out the clever responses for yourself.


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