NAKED & DEADLY: Model Rava Ray Poses with the Craziest Creatures

Erika Frias

Meet Rava Rider: Model & Mother of Stingrays


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw photos captured of Tahitian Rava Ray. They are nothing but incredible and truly jaw-dropping. Noted the ‘sting ray’ queen, Ray agrees to pose with deadly sea animals like the stingray here to raise awareness about the somewhat friendly creatures. She’s been diving with animals for as long as she remembers and really shows no fear of danger. Her photo shoots are naked because Ray states she refuses to advertise clothing but instead shift are focus to these wondrous creatures living in harmony with humans. One image portrays Rava kissing a stingray almost her size. She has been bashed by many activists provoking that she is putting her life in danger but to no avail. Rava continues her work in wilderness awareness, saying she’s only in fact been bit once and blames the incident completely on accident. Although she’s clearly fearless according to the photos you are about to see, she reassures her audience that medical help is always just around the corner.

Check out these gasping images of the naked princess, herself.


Fearlessly, awesome.


The rays linger at her feet as she sits, calm & collected.


And just when you were asking for more of…

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