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Most People Don’t Know The True Meanings Behind These 7 Famous Symbols

3. Bluetooth symbol: Next time you connect your phone to bluetooth, pay attention to the little symbol that represents the wireless pairing. While bluetooth is one of the newer technologic inventions, the symbol for it has actually existed for quite a while.

The credit for it can be directed to Danish King of the 10th century, Harald Blatand, who is known for uniting two opposing tribes. He was given the name ‘Blue Tooth’  because of his obsession with blueberries that apparently gave one of his teeth a blue tinge. The common day bluetooth is named after him, the symbol for it representing the H and B of his name.

4. Medical Symbol: Did you ever notice this squiggly symbol as you were walking to your local doctor’s office?

It is actually representative of an accident. If you look closely, you will realize that you’re actually looking at two snakes wrapped around a staff. This represents the ability to solve any problem that comes your way.

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