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Most People Don’t Know The True Meanings Behind These 7 Famous Symbols

The human mind, and the innovation it has brought about, is an amazing thing. Throughout the 200,000 years that humans have roamed the Earth, they have managed to create and integrate various ways of communication.

One of the most astonishing examples is the use of symbols as a form of language. The human population has managed to take simple markings and apply meaning to them.

Whether its a happy face, exclamation point or a heart, humans have made connotative attachments to these markings. Read on to discover 7 underrated symbols that have a newfound meaning to them.

1. Ampersand: Most of us look at this word and go “what?” That’s because while the symbol is better known as the ‘and’ sign, the official name for it is usually overlooked.

The symbol has been around for a long time, its first use being by Roman Emperor Cicero’s personal secretary. Once upon a time, it was part of the english alphabet, between Y and Z, but it was later removed.

2. Heart Symbol: This one’s popular.. we send them, we receive them and we love them. The heart symbol has been carried on for generations, and never seems to grow old.

So how did the symbol come about? After all, it is in no way, shape or form resembling an actual heart. Well, theories state that its actually the shape of two swans coming together. Since swans mate for life, it makes sense for them to be the symbol of love.

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