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Man Spends $50,000 To Transform Into A Genderless Alien

If you could be anything you want in the world, what would you be? Some people would say a teacher, others would say a fireman. But makeup artist, Vinny Ohh, has aspirations unlike anyone we’ve seen before.

Vinny Ohh has gone to extreme lengths to reinvent himself as an “extraterrestrial hot mess”. Vinny has gone to extreme lengths, including a series of plastic surgeries, to complete the makeover that is going to make him the genderless alien he aspires to be.

Read on to follow Vinny Ohh’s journey as he transforms into his new extraterrestrial form.

Vinny’s first step to an alien identity involved two very important factors: plastic surgery and… lots of makeup! Vinny declares himself a makeup addict, taking pride in obsession through multiple instagram posts. His love for plastic surgery is obvious as well, with Vinny having spent a whopping 50,000 dollars on 110 procedures alone!

The road to this new look did not come easy or cheap, but Vinny’s determination drove him to goal. 50,000 dollars on 110 procedures, including a couple of nose jobs, a handful of botox sessions and 29 procedures on fillers alone, whether it be cheek, lip or brow.

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