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Man Assaulted On United Airlines Flight Finally Speaks Out About Assault

On April 9th, United Airlines dragged Dr. David Dao off of his scheduled flight because of an overbooked flight.

A few passengers on the plane caught the incident on tape, and the 69 year old man’s mistreatment was documented immediately.

After nearly a month, Dao has begun to take legal action against the American airline company. His lawyers have recently clarified the legal plans the doctor plans on taking against the company.

Two veteran Chicago attorneys with his defense: Thomas A. Demetrio and Stephen Golan, are representing Dao in his trial. 

The incident occurred on Dao’s flight from Chicago to Louisville. Upon boarding the plane, Dao was removed from his flight by the Chicago Aviation Police Department in a violent manner.

The doctor recently explained to a CBS affiliate that there were physical consequences to incident, including injuries on his body.

Dao suffered a concussion, lost two of his front teeth and a broken nose. Dao’s family is currently focused on his health, with lots of medical care and treatment.

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