Listen Up Fellas! These 9 Things Are Scientifically PROVEN to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

A lot of men are completely lost when it comes to women.  Mainly because they are not willing to learn about them or they assume what women like.  Listen up men, women are much DIFFERENT, but they are not impossible to understand.  A lot of them will play games to keep you guessing, but that doesn’t mean you should play along.  If you want to attract the woman of your dreams, you must use the following things to your advantage.  #8 is the biggest surprise!

1. Wedding Ring

When a woman sees a man with a wedding ring, she sees a man who is worthwhile in another woman’s eyes.  She will assume the man must have some good qualities.  Nobody ever said you have to be married to wear a wedding ring.

2. Sense of Humor

Girls love to laugh, it’s the ultimate tonic for warming them up.  If you can make a girl smile, you already have one foot in the door!

3. Height

Sorry short guys, but it’s proven that women are more attracted to tall men.  Think of it this way, you like a girl with big curves, right?  It’s the same thing, only the tables are turned.

4. Stubble or Thick Beard

A man looks more, well, manly when he can grow a killer beard.  The short stubble look is also in style these days.  Just don’t shave any strange patterns into your beard or make it look too neat.

5. Guitar

A guitar is the ultimate aphrodisiac.  Ever notice how a mediocre-looking guy who can play guitar scores all the girls.  It’s because he has talent, and women love a man with talent.

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