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Less Than 1% Of People Can Get A Perfect Score On This Spelling Test

Most of us overestimate our understanding of the English language. Just because we speak English every day, doesn’t mean were masters of the grammar and spelling. Truth is, the English language can get a little tricky.

Do you think you’re a good speller? Did you get first place in your local spelling bee? Well let’s see if you’re skills still hold true. Go on and try our spelling bee. Chances of getting a perfect score are actually very slim; so slim that less than 1% of people make it through.

1. We’re ging to give you a series of words. Your job is to decide which of the four is the word that is spelled correctly. Really try your best to get it right, and remember no cheating! So don’t scroll on through before attempting to pick an answer.

The first four words are: gruesome, febuary, garantee, embalance. Which word is spelled correctly?

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