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If You Can Complete This Test Without Making A Mistake, You’re Smarter Than 95% Of People

We talk our native languages everyday. Therefore, majority of the time, we don’t pay much attention to the grammar we use. As part of our second nature, we let our attention slip and don’t allocate any focus on those simple rules that are the basis of our very language.

Do you consider your grammar to be above average? Do you want to see if it actually is? Put your mind to the test with this simple quiz.

Many individuals can’t complete the task without making at least one mistake. You may be one of the few who actually can! Go on, clear your mind and find out if you fall in the 5% category of exceptional individuals.

1. Let’s start with the basics and we’ll build our way up. This first one can be a warm up for the rest. Fill in the blank, “Sorry, but these shoes are ___ expensive”. Is it “too” or “to”?

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