Five INSANELY AWESOME Facts About the World

by Erika Frias

It’s crazy to think that we still don’t know everything there is to know about the amazing world we live in. We searched all over, from the north pole to the deepest parts of the ocean. Here are some fun facts you probably hadn’t heard about.

Penguin Prostitution 

Yup, you read that right. Researches have come to learn that female penguin often times prostitute themselves in order to create a stable home for their offspring. With the exchange of $$$ for stones they’re able to build sturdier nests for their babies. Pretty  bizarre to think even lady penguin knows how to stir-up a man.


This next fact will have your toes cringing.

Shedding Pounds

No, not losing weight. Literally shedding pounds & pounds of skin! Throughout the average human life it has been recorded that a person will shed over 40 pounds of dead skin. That’s pretty disgusting to think about.



 I’m not monkeying around when I tell you human DNA resembles 50% of a bananas. Now that’s nuts! If we were shocked about hearing that humans and monkeys are almost identical then this ought to have you going crazy.



Gravity for All 

Did you know gravity is not distributed equally? Makes sense considering some land masses are denser than others and constantly changing. Especially in areas with melting glaciers or erupting volcanoes, the gravitational forces are adjusting accordingly as well.


Killer Jumbo Jets 

We all know that the pressures under the sea can crush our existence, but ever wonder what that would feel like? At the deepest parts of the ocean ever recorded, the pressures surpass 11,000 tons squared per meter. That’s the equivalent of being squashed (notice I didn’t use squished) by nearly 50 jumbo jets!


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