Fitness Blogger Hasn’t Shaved Body Hair In Years, Here Are The Pics To Prove It

Women have always been subject to various social norms of beauty that have restricted their ability to be free and natural in their own skin.

One beauty blogger, Morgan Mikenas, took a stance to recognize the unrealistic expectations that are set on women. She decided to stop shaving her body hair and document the process in order to take an action against the beauty standard of this day and age.

Morgan explained that this decision was very important to her, reflecting her deepest passion to help both herself and those girls struggling with self confidence around her. 

Her mission is not to stop others girls from shaving their body parts. Instead, she just wants them to know that they have the option available and hopes to open alternate door for her followers.

She explained a few of the alliterative reasons behind her decision, one of the primary ones being that of the struggle of shaving. It’s a process, and takes a lot of time and energy. 

As she started to grow her body hair, she realized that leaving her body to its natural means actually helped her skin grow healthier, softer and more comfortable without being victimized to cuts and scratches. 

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