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Female Comedian Humiliates Guys Who Think They Can Get Laid by Insulting Her

Online dating provides more entertainment value than actual quality dates, and comedian Kat Havoc knows that better than anyone else.  The Missouri native shares what she calls her “trials and tribulations” of online dating.

There’s a technique used by men called “negging” where men insult women in an attempt to get laid.  The thinking is if a guy can lower a woman’s self-confidence, she will want to bring it back up by sleeping with the guy.

Unfortunately for these guys, they had no clue who they were negging.  Kat Havoc buried these dudes and left them running home crying to mama.  Just wait until you feast your eyes on her lengthy comebacks, you may learn a thing or two!

Meet comedian Kat Havoc, she likes to completely rip men new ones who attempt to insult her during her online dating explorations.

This bro came in hot, but he had no clue what he was up against.  He attempted to neg her into sleeping with him…

Then Kat basically took a hammer to his manhood!  Bro didn’t even respond after she buried him.  He’s probably still crying in a bed of used tissues.

Here’s another HUGE takedown of some loser who wanted to cheat on his wife.  There’s a reason you aren’t getting “affection” and “attention” at home.

Click next to see more guys get RUINED!

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