Controversial Cartoons Cause Chaos (Real Art Talks, Real People Listen)

Lory Nadia

In our current society of hustle and bustle we often turn a blind eye to social issues and harmful advertising. With the ability to deliver inspiration through the touch of our fingertips, we fail to do so in a positive light. Sometime the real hard truth is easier ignored than accepted. Artist Luis Quiles has started to use his art to bring to light major issues we face today as a society. The Spanish cartoonist creates some disturbing imagery that is hard to forget. He tackles issues such as sexism, violence and homophobia among many others. By utilizing his talents and the power of the internet, Quiles hopes to bring to surface the actual things that are being blind-sided.

Quiles expresses his confused outlook on technology and whether we are utilizing it or it is utilizing us.


It is often difficult to distinguish the truth in a world filled with so many misconceived ideas and ads.

When he is not drawing up cartoons, he is writing about his views.


Another work of his that mocks a “tasteful” cupcake.

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