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Blind Man Sees Wife For The First Time, Says Two Words That Puts Everyone In Tears

Then came in Rachel Ray, the host of a talk show on CBS. Joy had seen an episode of hers involving another individual with Stargodt’s disease. The guest was given eSight glasses that completely restored their vision. Joy didn’t hesitate in reaching out to get Gene on the show, and Ray didn’t hesitate on accepting them.

16 years later, and Purdie was finally given a chance. His nerves were present, yet he masked them perfect… that is, until they presented him with the eSight glasses.

The eSight glasses, invented by a digital eyewear company, are a prized possession for those who suffered with a disease. Their ability to restore vision is almost priceless, costing nearly 15,000 dollars for a single model.

The minute Purdie slipped on those glasses, he completely lost it. Just imagine being able to se everything around after 16 years under the dark. He was astonished by his surroundings, but what captivated him the most was the minute he laid eyes on his wife and kid.

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