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Blind Man Sees Wife For The First Time, Says Two Words That Puts Everyone In Tears

All of us, as humans, take things for granted. For most of us, our everyday problems fall under the category of ‘first world problems.’ This simply means that in the greater scope of things, they don’t really matter.

For example, when we encounter blind or deaf individuals, our daily struggles with sleep, work and school are minute. Just imagine how much more challenging life would be if you were blind? It was definitely a struggle for this guy, who hadn’t so much as seen the woman who gave birth to him. But then one day, everything changed.

Gene Purdie was just your average guy from Denver. He had a wife and kids, and even a stable job. There was one exception, however: he was blind.

When Purdie was 16, he was diagnosed with a rare disease that left him legally blind. Everything was a blur, and all he could see were vague outlines.

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