Beginning Of A Relationship Vs. One Year Later

Relationships are a funny thing.  In the beginning, it’s a thrill ride full of emotion.  As time goes by, our trust and endurance are tested.  Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows love isn’t easy.  The first few months, your partner is pure perfection … then you realize he or she is FAR from perfect.  This point in the relationship presents a fork in the road.  Should you stay with the person?  Or is it time to let go?

The following examples compare what each activity is like in the beginning and a year later…prepare to nod your yes, yes, yes…

#1 Texting in the beginning

We are so happy to be texting in the beginning of a relationship.  Every time your phone buzzes, you jump across the room to grab it off the charger.  There’s no limit on how many texts your partner can send you in the beginning.  It’s only natural to want all the attention in the world.

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