Amazing Things Your Body Does That You Didn’t Know About

Our body carries out some amazing functions you haven’t even noticed. It’s incredible how our immune system works to keep us healthy and happy. Like every breath you take that goes unnoticed, here are 9 other features that we come pre-packaged with!

1. Hiccups are warning you to slow down your intake, whether it be food or drinks.


Hiccups can be really annoying but it’s our bodies way of telling us to take a breather. Sometimes we hiccup after we’ve had to much to drink and that eventually leads to a bigger mess. It’s important to pay attention to how our body reacts to some actions.

2. You feel an itch, and BAM out comes a sneeze.


This is your bodies way of removing toxins from your nasal passage. Which explains why we sneeze so much when we are sick. It is flushing out the bacteria built up in your nose, preventing from worse infections. This is something we knew, up next something you wouldn’t even imagine!

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