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    15 Nail Trends That Should Have Never Become A Thing

    In this day and age, fashion trends and styles are constantly changing. With every instagram post and twitter share, new ideas are being spread and there is a constant change in what’s “in”. While  its always fun to be out with the old and in with the new, sometimes it gets hard to keep up […]

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    This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking

    For those of you who have an addictive personality, you might want to take a minute to read this article. While some addictions, like eating chocolate, are not too harmful, others, like smoking, actually have consequences. When and if you finally reach the decision that you want to quit, your body will undergo certain changes. […]

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    Cops ‘Cashed Her Outside’ Smoking Illegal Substance, Danielle Bregoli Busted

    There’s very few people who wouldn’t recognize 14 year old Danielle Bregoli. Her appearance on Dr. Phil addressing her attitude and behavior problems received an exceptional amount of attention. Her rebellious behavior on the show, coupled with her acting out on a daily basis, has given Danielle a rise in social media. Danielle, even while reveling […]

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    12 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Needs To Know

    Social etiquette is an essential skill and characteristic that is applied to all types of situations. Whether you’re at a formal event, or just at a friends house, proper communication with respect is very important in building social skills and relationships. What are the etiquette skills were referring to? Read on, and brush up on […]

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    8 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

    A healthy diet goes a long way, and while we don’t see the immediate effects of consuming too much from one group, the long term effects will prevail in a couple of years. Excessive sugar intake is becoming common as sugar-rich foods are growing in availability and consumption. Your body needs carbohydrates, but too many carbohydrates can […]

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    10 Biggest Online Shopping Fails

    People always get overly excited for online shopping, and half of the excitement is due to the anticipation and waiting to get that package in the mail. The other half is due to the spontaneous action of ordering an item you haven’t even seen in real life. With each online purchase you’re taking a risk, because […]

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    24 People Who Just Overdid It

    We all have those friends that are a little too dramatic and like to take things a little overboard. These people are what we call “extra” because such nature of behavior is exactly that… extra. Everyone likes a unique individual but even the most fascinating person needs to know they’re limits in trying to be […]

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    28 Images That Will Make You Smile

    Not every day is going to be candy and rainbows. We all have had those days where we feel a little bit down. Lucky for us, we have something as accessible and entertaining at the internet to help turn our frown upside down. Here are 28 images from the internet that are bound to make […]

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    What Happens When Identical Brothers Marry Identical Twin Sisters?

    There’s always been myths that twins are somewhat connected through a weird telepathy and what not. I guess whether telepathy remains a mystery, taste and choices for significant others does not. Read on to discover how identical twins grew up, met another pair of identical twins, and ended up marrying them! Doug and Phil Malm […]