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    The Best Animoji Karaoke Videos So Far

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    25 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

    Over 7 billion people in the world and no two individuals are exactly the same… that’s a lot of diversity going around. Some people are a lot more persistent in expressing their uniqueness than others, and there’s nothing more admirable that those individuals who are not afraid to express just how different they are. According to statistics, people who openly express their individuality are much happier than everyone else. They can easily change their lives without fear of anything. They can even lose a large amount of money in an online casino (the best of which can be found on the CC-TV website) and not be upset at all.

    It’s safe to say that if everyone was adamant in expressing their uniqueness as these individuals are, we would have a very colorful world. Let’s take a moment to celebrate those individuals who wear their uniqueness on their sleeve (quite literally). Here are 16 individuals that are not afraid to show just how special they are.

    1. Here’s one individual that took the famous book we all know and love, “Where’s Waldo?”, and brought it to life. While many individuals are afraid of stepping out the house in anything that strays from the social norm, here’s one guy that didn’t care what others had to say. He represented his one of a kind personality both in his outfit and his means of transportation. He even went out of his way to color coordinate… 

    2. Here’s a riddle for you all… how can you maintain all eyes on you without them actually seeing the real you, but at the same time make sure that all eyes are on them? Wearing an enlarged eye-ball as a mask sure can do the trick. It may be a little startling at first look, but it’s quite a sight to see

    3. Walking around with a stroller sure can become routine after a while, so why not spice things up? That’s exactly what this woman did. It seems like pedestrians had to do a double take to make sure they weren’t extras for the next alien invasion film. 

    4. Maybe this guy had a rough morning. Maybe he was so tired that he forgot that undergarments belong under the trousers… Or maybe he came up with the newest means of keeping his pants above his waist. Whatever his intentions might have been, we can’t help but appreciate his lack of care to what others think. 

    5. Me: “I’m so done with him. This is the last straw.” 
    Him: “Hey.” 

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    These 12 People Know How To Get Right Swipes On Tinder!

    For those of you who haven’t heard of Tinder, the app has become one of the latest means of finding ‘the one’, and all at the swipe of your finger. Tinder links people who have the app downloaded and connects those individuals who swipe right (approve) of one another’s profiles, allowing them to chat and get to know each other.

    Here are 12 individual’s Tinder profiles that exemplify what a “swipe right” profile is all about.

    12. Sometimes it’s all about cutting to the chase and being straight forward with exactly what you’re looking for. Hailey’s profile picture represents what most of us feel upon seeing her profile. Haley’s absent father and gag reflex is sure to provoke the absence of many guys ability of self control, as they shamelessly swipe right!

    11. Many girls love to post pictures with their besties. Sometimes, that poses a challenge for men who stumble upon these photos, as they try to figure out which one is which. Amber, being so thoughtful and considerate, took it upon herself to save these guys the time and trouble. 

    So many potential markers for distinguishing the two girls… their outfits, their hair, their position as either on the right or the left… but Amber found it appropriate to use her boobs as the distinguishing feature. 

    10. Those who stumble across Elly’s profile are lucky enough to be provided with some beneficial background history. I guess formerly being fat is associated with low standards… I’m not sure if that logic stands with everyone. 

    9. For Tara, it’s not so much about finding the one. It’s more about making sure the predetermined one just happens to come across her name and profile. For the guy with the surname Dactyl, we sure  hope you’re on Tinder… because this girl is sending out some serious signals. 

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    25 Of The Oddest Couples In Hollywood

    Living the life of a celebrity isn’t always easy. Of course, there’s the light, camera, glam and popularity. But there’s also the paparazzi and tabloids documenting your personal and private life.

    Many of these celebrities experienced some of their most important relationships under the spotlight, and the tabloids were there to document every little detail. Here are 25 couples in Hollywood that made the tabloids for being the oddest and most unexpected duos yet!

    1. Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. This English musician and American model combo was a relationship that was victimized by tabloids and media. Every move the couple made was documented for the world to see, including their engagement, Unfortunately, after the back and forth, the couple decided to permanently break it off in 2007.

    2. Who could forget any of Britney Spear’s relationships? Particularly her marriage to Kevin Federline. While it only lasted for two years, the couple gave birth to two beautiful sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and even got their own reality show, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.

    3. Nothing catches the public eye like a couple that doesn’t look like they belong together. Russel Simmons relationship with supermodel Hana Nitsche fits this criteria. The relationship didn’t last long, however, starting up in 2012 and lasting only until 2013.

    4. American Idol judge Simon Cowell had a short-lived relationship with 90’s beauty Carmen Electra. The two met on Britain’s Got Talent in December 2012 and dated until February 2013. The relationship lasted a couple months, ending only when Simon was caught cheating with Lauren Silverman, his current baby mama.

    5. Nothing turned heads quite like Jessica Alba’s marriage to Cash Warren in 2008. The couple became an outlier in the whirl of Hollywood relationships, as they are still married with two beautiful daughters!

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    20 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along

    There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a short cut that leads to a faster, more convenient way of going about doing things. Well, we’re here to give you a bunch of shortcuts, 20 to be exact (but who’s counting?). Think of it as a cheat sheet if you want… one that helps you, not cheat your way through life but just make your life a tad bit easier.

    20. Don’t waste your money buying a dry erase board. Just grab a dry-erase marker, go to your bathroom mirror and write away. Whether its a to-do list or just self-notes, you definitely won’t forget the reminder when its staring at your face (literally). 

    19. Wrap your room temperature drink with a wet towel, stick it in the fridge, and you’ll increase the rate of cooling.

    18. Put this tension rods to use, and make more room in your supply closet. 

    17. Instead of stacking your drinks in the fridge one by one, use the original box and save yourself some time!

    16. Don’t let your fingers endure the pain of opening a key ring. Let the stapler do the work for you!

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    Everyday Guy Trained And Ate Like The Rock For 30 Days, Photos Of His Transformation

    Looking for a little bit of self-motivation? Something that maybe, just might, get you off the couch and off your feet? Well, here’s the story of your everyday guy who got sick of his unhealthy lifestyle and took a stand. Most people would start the shift gradually…. transition with healthier meals or some cardio during the week.

    However, Mark Webster is not most people. He didn’t take the traditional route to healthy living. Oh, no…he took on the lifestyle change with full force.

    If you compared current day Mark Webster to Mark Webster 30 days ago, you would probably think he’s a different person. After realizing his lifestyle was less than ideal, Webster decided to trade-up. He really stepped up to the self-challenge, deciding to eat and train like muscle man Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 30 days.

    So what exactly does Johnson’s lifestyle consist of? Beside working out religiously, Johnson consumes nearly 5,000 calories a day. His meal plan consists of seven different meals spread throughout the day. The plan is not as easy, or cheap, as it seems. Webster ended up spending nearly $1,262 on food, nearly $42 a day with $18 of it being dedicated to cod.

    The unique diet required nearly an hour or a half of preparation every two to three day. Webster claimed “The biggest thing with the eating is the interruption of your day. Every few hours, you have to stop and eat again.”

    As for the training, Webster followed Johnson’s regime. With an hour of cardio and ninety minutes of weight training for six out of seven days a week. Webster documented the changes and progress. While his weight didn’t budge, he gained a significant amount of muscle mass just one month after the lifestyle changes. Mark believes that his strength increased a solid 10 to 15 percent.

    Johnson uses his social media platform to consistently share his fitness regimen with his followers. His admirable fitness can be seen up close and on the big screen in his new movie Baywatch.

    When asked to comment on his lifestyle change, Webster stated “‘I’m 37, I got little aches and pains all the time but I have none of those anymore. I feel better than I did before I was doing this. My resting heart rate has dropped like four beats per minute over the past month. I feel fantastic.”

    Webster’s challenge got quite the attention, with Johnson commenting on the situation as well. Johnson, although doubtful at first, was impressed with Webster’s discipline. After experiencing the diet and workout himself, Webster developed a newfound respect for Johnson, “The fact that he looks like this and trains like this every day of this life while making his movies, being on set 14 hours? That kind of discipline to me is absolutely amazing.”

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    Women Dish On Tricks To Turn Them On Instantly

    Women… can’t live with them, can’t live without them. We all know that women are pretty complicated. More times than not, it’s hard to read whether you’re playing your cards right with them or you’re inevitably lowering yourself in a black hole.

    The best way to go about it is to face them prepared. Don’t wonder about what you should do and improvise on the spot, just know it from the get go.

    And how are you going to know? That’s where we come in, with our golden list of things that really sway women in your direction. Check it out yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the pen and paper… it’s time to take notes.

    10. Don’t Be Biased to the Lips

    When most individuals think of kissing, they immediately think of the lips. Lips are a great target, of course. However, they’re not the only target. Many women have actually admit an unparalleled admiration for forehead kisses. There’s something so gentle, intimate and loving about a forehead kiss. A feeling that can’t quite be equated to regular kissing.

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    16 Photos Of Bizarre Shoes For The Shoe Addict In All Of Us

    Many people genuinely believe that a look is not complete without the right pair of shoes, and rightfully so. Shoes are not only a means of protecting and securing your feet, but a form of expressing your style, and thereby, yourself.

    Yet, some people take the concept of “expressing yourself” through footwear a little too far. Check out these 16 photos of bizarre shoes that are so cringe-worthy they’re bound to intrigue the shoe addict in you.

    Ballerinas are notoriously known for their very unique-looking pair of shoes. The platform and special build of these ballet shoes really give ballet dancers a little edge on the stage. 

    You can think of it as a shoe, or you can think of it as a wheelchair for your feet since that’s what it looks like. These shoes are not very appealing to look, nor do they look very comfortable. 

    When it comes to discomfort, these pair of heels sure take the win! Shoes are meant to provide your comfort or a sort of protection. These pair of nails with chains look like they could really cause some serious damage. 

    For all you old school gamers, this might be the shoe for you. These wedges not only serve as a pair of shoes, but they serve as storage for your Gameboy! It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

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    Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

    Have you ever sent a text message to a wrong number? You should know that you’re not alone.

    Usually, it’s an easy mistake to correct. However, some people have a harder time getting out of it. It’s all a matter of the identity of the person on the other end, and just how much fun they want to have with your mishap.

    1. While there are those kind souls that simply inform you that you have the wrong number, there are those joksters that get a good prank out of your small mistake. It’s all fun and games until you find out that you still need to get ready for work after thinking that someone was going to cover your shift. 

    2. Auntie Pat might need to look into double checking her numbers. First times understandable, but the same mistake twice might not be as acceptable. 

    3. Let’s hope the recipient of this text message has watched the movie Taken at some point in their life. If they have, the whole misunderstanding of a wrong number can be resolved with the reenactment (text version) of the famous line from the movie. If they haven’t, they might be a little frightened by a threat from who they believe is ‘Chloe’. 

    4. We’re not sure if this person texted two different people with the same mistake of using the same wrong number, or whether he is genuinely interested on making moves on the person that he is selling his car to… Either way, it’s peculiar. 

    5. Sometimes the pranking can really take a toll on a person. Here’s a case where the victim had enough and ended up spilling all of his problems to a complete stranger.

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    15 Hilarious Wedding Cake Fails

    A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding. After all, it is the most important day of the bride’s and groom’s lives. Therefore, everything has to be perfect. That includes the wedding cake that symbolizes their new journey as a couple.

    Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes the wedding cake is far from perfect. Here are 16 cases where the wedding cake preparation went wrong, and the results are kind of tragic.

    1. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts. We’re not sure what to make of this cake. After all, it was completed by a child trying to fulfill his imagination. 

    2. A simple mistake of one letter can be a huge deal. Especially when it gives the cake a whole new meaning. 

    3. If this cake designer was aiming to recreate the picture, I’m not so sure they were successful. However, it is most definitely a unique, one of a kind creation. 

    4. The colorful theme might have seemed like a good idea. However, the result look more like a bad art project rather than a wedding cake. 

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    28 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

    We’re used to seeing vending machines left and right. Whether its on the street, on campus, in the mall or inside a store, these machines come in handy. Equipped with our favorite snacks and drinks, they’re a convenient way to satisfy our cravings.

    However, food and drink vending machines are not the only ones out there. There are actually some strange vending machines carrying the most peculiar choices of purchase. Here are 28 vending machines you’ll be shocked exists.

    1 IKEA: For those construction junkies, next time you lost a screw or bolt and don’t want to spend tones of money purchasing the missing pieces in bulk, you should look into an IKEA vending machines. The store actually offers machines with ‘square parts’ for your convenience.

    2. Herbs: This looks like it’s high illegal but we can’t imagine how popular this choice of vending machine would be. It would definitely be a hit among high school and college students. 

    3. Charge: Nothing in the world comes free nowadays. There was a time when charging your device would be free of charge, but people are so attached to their devices that it makes sense to make a profit out of it. There’s actually vending machines that charge your phone for 3 dollars each 30 minutes. 

    4. Shoes: Here’s an interesting one. There’s a vending machine, in the middle of the street, selling shoes to pedestrians. You never knew when you’re going to need a pair of new kicks!

    5. Barbies: I can just picture how a little girl’s eye would light up at the sight of this vending machine… and how her parents eyes would grow slightly sour at the consumer trap. 

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    28 People Who Had One Job To Do And Failed Miserably

    We live in a world where mass production has taken over our consumer world. Although the method is, overall, efficient as well as beneficial… it’s not always perfect. There are cases of mishaps and mistakes that lead to hilarious errors.

    Here are 20 people (or rather machines), that had one job and ended up failing. Luckily, their failure is our source for a good laugh.

    1. It’s always good to take safety precautions. We assume that’s what was going through the designer’s mind when they chose to add this banister to the railing. However, it’s also important to be able to actually use the stairs… which can’t happen with the presence of the banister. 

    2. We don’t expect fast food to be a high quality gourmet meal, but we also expect our meal to be intact. C’mon, who forgets to put the cheese inside the burger? 

    3. We all know what type of preventative measure you were attempting, but I think the measurement was just a tad off. Even a truck could get by if it wanted to. 

    4. Either Ben has a twin or someone on the yearbook committee really messed up! This is why it’s always good to double-check your work. 

    5. It’s not good to lie to your customers. We all know those orange spheres are not watermelons. 

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