9 Never Before Seen Photos of Hitler’s Women, Prepare to Be Chilled to the Bone!

The age of Hitler’s Nazi Regime was one most people don’t want to believe ever happened.  The terror and pure evil they brought to this world make the period in time one of the most memorable but for all the wrong reasons.  During his reign as a dictator, Hitler employed women who worshiped the ground he walked on.  Meet some of his most infamous female accomplices in the following slides.

1. Herta Oberheuser

Physician Herta Oberheuser committed evil acts at both the Auschwitz and Ravensbruck concentration camps.  She participated in the sick and twisted sulfa experiments.  She also murdered children with deadly cocktails and removed their limbs afterward.  SICK!

2. Atten-Hut!

This goes to show how well-trained women were to follow Hitler’s every command.  They have better posture than most modern men!

3. Irma Grese

Meet the “Hyena of Auschwitz” Irma Grese.  Her cold stare is the face of pure evil.  She was one of the people in charge of selecting Jewish prisoners who would die in the gas chambers.

4. Genocidal Duds

This woman actually thought it’d be cool to make her own Nazi hat and dress up in genocidal duds.  Luckily, this style died with the Nazi regime.

5. Man or Woman? Herta Bothe

Bothe worked at the Ravensbruck concentration camp and became known as the Sadist of Stutthof.  She regularly beat prisoners to death.

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