8 Beauty Secrets from India That Will Make Your Hair Grow at Light Speed

#5 Protein Hair Masks

If you are a vegetarian, a lack of protein in your diet could lead to excessive hair fall.  The best way to replenish the protein in your hair is by using a protein hair mask.  Mashed avocado is packed full of amino acids that do wonders for your hair.  You can also use egg whites.  Take two fresh egg whites, whip them, and apply the paste to the roots of your hair using a dye brush.  Wait thirty minutes and wash out the paste.  You’ll notice an immediate boost in your hair’s shine and body.

#6 Essential Oils

A great way to boost the quality of your coconut oil hair therapy is to add essential oils into the mix.  Always remember to use only a couple of drops because essential oils are very powerful.  The best oils to use are jojoba, lavender, rosemary, thyme, almond, and tea tree.  Rosemary is great for those who suffer from dandruff.  The oils will also break down sebum build-up and repair damaged hair follicles.  Make sure to wash and rinse well after applying the oils to your hair and scalp.

#7 Less Shampooing

It’s fun to add oils to your hair, but it’s important not to forget about the importance of the natural oils in your hair.  If you overwash your hair, the pH of your scalp will get disrupted which will lead to more hair fall and possibly gray hairs.  The key is to focus on nourishing your hair and never stripping it of anything.

#8 Panthenol Hair Mask

Panthenol is a concentrated form of vitamin B5, you’ve probably seen it on the ingredients list of skin care products.  When vitamin B5 comes into contact with the skin, it turns into pantothenic acid which offers a host of hair benefits.  It can revitalize damaged hair follicles, restore epidermis, eliminate static electricity, and prevent hair fall.  After washing your hair, apply the gel or foam to hair for best results.  Yes, this is the only item that isn’t 100% natural, but it’s not going to hurt either!

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