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7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

For reasons unknown, there’s been a newfound hype for the herbivorous lifestyle. Whether it’s going “vegetarian” or “vegan”, more and more individuals are growing infatuated with the idea of going green. The intentions behind the lifestyle change remain unclear. We’re not sure if people are into it because they’re genuinely concerned about their health or just because it’s the new “it” trend going around.

Regardless of the hidden intentions, the overwhelming popularity of the trend makes the benefits worth noting. While cutting yourself off from your favorite meaty dish might prove your admirable self control, it also has a ton of health benefits associated with it.

Just a week without that juicy hamburger, and you will already start noticing a handful of positive changes to your body. Weight loss, lowered risk of heart disease and greater energy are just a few of these aforementioned benefits. Read on for a full breakdown of the benefits of cutting down on meat.

1. If you’re an avid meat lover or have an overwhelming appreciation for cheese, chances are your body is victim to high levels of inflammation. 

Inflammation accompanies intake of highly processed foods. While short-term inflammation is completely normal (after all, it’s your bodies way of protecting you from foreign stimuli), long-term inflammation that prolongs for years is not of the norm. 


Now, how does a green-diet help this matter? Well, plant-based diets actually consist of multiple anti-inflammatory choice of meals. Fruits and vegetables, usually high in fiber and other phytonutrients, considerably help lower inflammation.