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7 Lies We Were Taught In School

We all have heard that very common life drill: go to school, get those good grades, get a good education so you can land a good job and have a stable future.

More and more people are beginning to question whether education is the key to success in the first place. Individuals, like Bill Gates, have already defied the idea that education is the only available formula to achieve your goals. However, role models like him are not the only evidence. The educational system we have today is proof in itself.

We rarely address the nature of the education that we receive. There is a general trend in mentality that the education we receive, regardless of where we receive it, is perfect. Little did we know that there are certain pieces of information that the educational system gets wrong.

Read on to find out 7 common, but unexpected, lies that we were taught in school.

1. One common myth that we have all heard is that we only use 10 percent of our brain. This implies that there is a vast amount of brain power that we haven’t uncovered, and that no one has provided means of accessing this potential.

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