12 People Who Struck Gold at the Thrift Store

Some people have too much time on their hands. Enough time for regular trips to the thrift store to go dumpster diving for buried treasure. The lucky ones end up striking gold and changing their lives forever. It’s amazing how much some people have made off less than a $1 investment! Others find unique treasures that are impossible to find anywhere else in the world. This list is a compilation of the biggest thrift stores winners in recent times. Everyone can agree, number 10 came out the biggest winner of them all!

1. Invaluable Michael Jackson Memorabilia
The Neverland Ranch wasn’t one of Michael Jackson’ finest achievements, but how many people can say they own the official shirt from the ’92 sleepover? This guy can!

The next thrift store had no clue how to price the next item!

2. Apple Gear for under $10!
When the Apple TV first came out, there’s no way it was selling for any less than hundreds of dollars. This thrift store probably thought they were selling a cheap router and threw a small price tag on it.

The next item has unlimited uses!

3. Time to play doctor! photo source: reddit.com
It’s always a great day when a piece of used doctor equipment pops up at the thrift store. Considering this tool is used to explore human orifices, the buyer may want to sterilize it before experimenting with it.

Click next for two guys who scored big!

4. Hip ‘80s Wind Suits photo source: imgur.com
In the ‘80s, wind suits made there way into everyone’s closets. These two guys were lucky enough to score the two ugliest ones ever made. The uglier they are, the more valuable they are!

Enough kidding around, a real treasure up next!

5. Famous Football Coach’s Sweatshirt photo source: nbcdfw.com
This item was purchased for 58 cents at the local thrift store. Guess how much it sold for in an auction? The winning bid was $43,000! Vince Lombardi was one of the most legendary football coaches of all time.

Another big score coming up!

6. A great find by Red Beard! photo source: hodinkee.com
Red Beard was doing his regular pirate duties for the day when he stumbled across this timepiece. It was an original LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm worth much more than the $5.99 he paid for it. He turned it around for $35,000! Arrr Matey!

It doesn’t get much better than the next item!

7. Super Psychedelic Shirt photo source: imgur.com
How often do you stumble across a cosmic shirt with a cat shooting laser beams out of its eyes? The designer even added yellow frames to finish off the genius design.

More big money coming up!

8. A Chinese Relic photo source: YouTube.com
An Australian won big in Sydney after buying this item for $4. The buyer later found out it was a Chinese relic worth $75,000!

Best item ever next!

9. Alf for the win! photo source: reddit.com
If this phone was in working order, the buyer scored big. Alf was one of the weirdest and creepiest characters ever created.

A real masterpiece up next!

10. Justin Timberlake Pastel Art photo source: imgur.com
Whoever took the time to make this must be the biggest Justin Timberlake fan ever! The time and effort put into this piece is borderline creepy.

A woman’s best friend featured in the next slide!

11. A Big Rock photo source: nbcwashington.com
If the Goodwill knew this was real, the buyer never would have had a chance to snag it. He ended having the ring inspected and found out it was a 3 carat diamond!

Some people would kill to own the next item!

12. Once-in-a-lifetime T-shirt anyone? photo source: imgur.com
Cats are the in thing nowadays. Does it get any cooler than this shirt? If only the cat was in a loaf of bread.

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