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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

26. The little lumps found at the end of your cords and cables are better known as ferrite cores or chokes. They consist of magnetic iron oxide in order to suppress any high frequency magnetic interference.

27. All airplane windows have a small hole on the very bottom. This hole is placed there to compensate and maintain proper air pressure. It ensures that as the plane ascends to a higher altitudes, the pressure outside and inside of the plane will not be extremely different.

28. The extra eyelets that you see on a lot of sneakers or running shoes are there to help hold the shoes in place when you are running or doing any kind of physical activities. They help prevent the shoe from rubbing against your skin and also offer a lot more ankle stability.

29. The tiny pocket on your jeans is meant to store lose change or any other tiny object you might be carrying around. Many individuals think that the pocket is too small and is just there for design, but it actually serves as extra storage for those tiny carryons.

30. The piece of fabric and buttons that come as “extras” with the clothes you purchase are not a bonus item! Nor are they to patch up clothes. They’re actually included so you can test out how different laundry detergents would effect your clothes.

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