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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

16. It’s important that your undergarments are as comfortable and clean as possible. The little pocket found inside women’s underwear is an additional piece of fabric that is purposely not seen in, to make it more comfortable.

17. The bottom of wine bottles have a round indentation. This punt is not meant to add an interesting design to the bottle. Instead, it is meant to help the bottle balance and stand upright.

18. All locks have a tiny hole at the bottom that is intended to drain out any water build up. Locks are used in outdoor settings, such as for storages, and are often exposed to different weather conditions in the process. The hole makes sure that in between freezing and melting, water can properly be drained and also to avoid any rust.

19. The tab of a soda can is not only a means of opening the can. The tab is actually equipped with a hole, where you can place your straw and ensure it remains in place as your sip on your drink.

20. The little plastic ring that you find on the bottom of the bottle cap is not there for decoration. It’s actually there to help prevent any spills or leakage.

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