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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

11. Your car’s rear view mirror is not just for fresheners or for hanging adornments. It’s actually intended to dim light coming through the wind shield. Upon flipping the tab down, the amount of light hitting the driver’s eyes will immediately dim and the car ride will become much safer.

12. Have you ever reached for a Tic Tac, only to be bombarded with a handful spilling out? The tab on the back of the cap is actually intended to prevent this. Simply tilt the box, open the cap and a single Tic Tac will be available at your disposal.

13. The headrest of the car is both a means of support and protection. While we are all thankful to have something to support our head and neck, these head rests can actually be a weapon. In any case where you’re trapped inside your car, you can actually yank the headrest off and shove the metal tongs through your window sill to initiate a safe shatter and a fast escape.

14. The little arrow found on the side of the gas gauge lets you know which side your gas cap is on. Most of us end up pulling to the gas station, parking to fill gas, only to find out they pulled up to the wrong side! Your car actually can save you some extra time and tell you exactly which side you need to park!

15. The plastic lids of your everyday take out drinks not only prevent spills, but they also serve as coasters!

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